SPECIAL OFFER SET! 1x Hood Wings Of Freedom and 2x Pair Scouting Legion Anime Manga Sticker Decal

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Set Includes:

2x Pair Scouting Legion Corp Regiment Wings of Freedom Eldia Hange Zoë Mikasa Levi Ackermann Anime Manga Sticker Decal

1x Hood Wings Of Freedom Scouting Legion Survey Corps Colossus Eldia Hange Zoë Mikasa Levi Ackermann Wall  Anime Manga Sticker Decal

Seat Belt Cover Features

  • Size: 20"x28" (508mm x 711.2mm) for Hood Wings Of Freedom Sticker; 19" long (482.6mm) each for Pair Scouting Legion Stickers
  • Quantity: 3 decals.
  • Material: high quality Avery/Oracal/Ritrama vinyl film (5 years for outdoor use). Waterproof. Removable.
  • Important: transfer application tape will be applied on the sticker for an easy installation process.
  • Basic package: decal + installation instruction/
  • Default color: BLACK (if you want custom color decal - choose the one you want from our drop list on listing page.

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